Spin Master Games – Silly sausage german edition

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Brand Spin Master Games
Colour Multicoloured
Material Plastic
Item dimensions L x W x H 36.8 x 7.6 x 10.2 centimetres
Package type Standard Packaging


  • The turbulent reaction game with the wild sausage
  • 3 game modes with different speeds
  • For 1 or more players aged 5 and up
  • The original from Spin Master
  • Contents: 1 Silly Sausage sausage, 1 instruction manual (English language not guaranteed)

Spin Master 6040203 Silly Sausage

This sausage has it all: The action game Silly Sausage has five different moves on it and promotes reaction speed, memory and concentration. Clever minds from six years can compete against the sausage or against each other in three disciplines. While in "Hot Dog" mode, the commands of the sausage must be executed more and more quickly, you should not be caught with the sausage in your hand in the discipline "Currywurst" - unless you know what the sausage wants. In "Bockwurst" mode, memory is required so that an ever-expanding range of commands à la "I pack my suitcase" can be followed. Who will end up becoming the King of Sausages? Fun alone or with friends, from 6 years.

Solo, party and turbo mode.

The three disciplines can be played individually in solo mode or with multiple players in party mode. In addition to the normal speed, the turbo mode offers another challenge for the very fast. Who dare and takes on the wild sausage challenge?

Silly Sausage has the command.

Shake me", Pull me", Twist me", Press me" and Dip me: Listen closely and react quickly, because Silly Sausage has the command. The sausage tells you how it wants to be moved and takes it very exactly: So Game Over is for the player who moves the sausage wrong, or too slowly.

Do not burn anything.

Silly Sausage not only looks cool and cheeky, it is too! That's why this is not just about the sausage, but above all against it. To outsmart the oversized sausage, it is important to be fast and keep a cool head with all your instructions. Exciting action and fun are guaranteed here. The hit for any party.


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