Pikmi Pops PKM17000 Pushmi Ups Plush Wave 2 (Variety Style Picked at Random)

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Brand Pikmi Pops
Style Assortment in CDU - Wave 2
Unit count 1 Pushmi Ups
Package information Bag
Package weight 0.02 Kilograms


  • Can be hung from your bag, keys phone and more
  • 12 Pikmi's to collect.
  • Ice Cream Scented.

Pikmi Pops Pushmi Ups Assortment - Wave 2

By Flair Leisure Products

New Pikmi Pops PushMi Ups are ready to pop! Push up a scented plush with loads of confetti fun! Will you find a marshmallow, chocolate, bubblegum or blueberry scented Pikmi?

Each Pikmi Pops PushMi Ups comes with 1 mini plushie, 1 surprise message, 1 dangler string, confetti, and 1 PushMi Ups vessel.



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