New Nerf Alpha Strike Stinger SD-1 - 11 Piece Targeting Blaster Set By Hasbro

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Nerf Alpha Strike - Stinger SD-1 launcher + E8310 target set. Train your skills with a set that includes a launcher, 8 original Nerf Elite arrows and 2 half-targets that you can combine into 1 full one. This compact blaster is perfect for high-speed games as well as accuracy training. A few simple steps to the shot means that novice Neff fans can also cope with the launcher. The Alpha Strike launchers are the perfect way to enter the adrenaline-pumping world of Nerf and experience the power of the brand. Thanks to them, even beginners will quickly shoot into the game!

Content and features of the set:

  • Stinger SD-1 launcher
  • 8 foam arrows made in Nerf technology, proven, durable and safe
  • 2 semi-goals that can be combined into 1 full
  • The perfect launcher to start your adventure with Nerf to fully experience the excitement of fun and competition
  • Fun without battery power
  • Interesting, handy design

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