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Help Agnes realize her lifelong dream at the end of the rainbow! Agnes wants to see a real-life unicorn, and when she's told that they live in the Freedonia forest, she sets out to journey! Build her woodland destination and follow the rainbow to help Agnes lure Lucky the Unigoat with a delicious lollipop â€" just make sure that the Minion tourist doesn't steal it with the fishing pole! Ideal for ages 5 and up


  • Accessories include a toy airplane, teddy bears, bowling pins, and a bowling ball.
  • Inspired by the new Despicable Me 3 movie!
  • Buildable table stand with "Toys for Sale" sign and spring-loaded arrow sign
  • Accessories include Lolipop, Fishing Rod, teddy bear, bowling pin, and bowling ball
  • Three buildable figures include one all-new Agnes, one all-new Fluffy the unicorn, and one Minion
  • The buildable Minion figure features interchangeable parts, including overalls, goggles, arms and feet
  • Mix and match Minion clothing and accessories to customize your collectable Minion characters
For kids 5+

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