Homiu Wine Decanter 1.5 litres Modern Contemporary Design Aerator Carafe

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  • Holding up to 1.8 litres of your favourite wine, there'll be no chance of your dinner parties running dry with this fantastic decanter
  • Featuring a classic decanter design, this is the ideal way to add elegance to the centre of your table
  • With a smart, slanted spout, you'll be able to pour wine into glasses with ease without the risk of spills
  • With its wide base, the wine aerates and the decanter allows your wine to breathe before serving, and let it reach its full flavour potential
  • Comes with high-quality display box, this will make the ideal birthday, Christmas or wedding gift for a loved one
homiu red wine decanter glass crystal premium fancy gift air taste

Improve the Taste, and Serve in Style with Homiu

By design, our Homiu glass decanting carafe promises superior wine preparation, while being very simple to use. Gripping the aerator’s neck and swirling it gently mimics the swilling motion previously done glass-by-glass, allowing you to trigger the aromas in the full bottle at once.

Not only will it please the host to look so professional, aerating your wine has two main benefits. Oxidation triggers aromatic compounds, unlocking your wine layer by exquisite layer – particularly good for energising young or delicate wines. It also smooths out strong undertones (such as tannins), making it fantastic for calming down boisterous Bordeaux and Barolos, as well as ports.

With a closed bowl and slim neck to improve pouring precision, as well as prevent spills whilst decanting, swilling and serving, this is the essential upgrade to your wine service you’ll never be able to live without again.

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