Homiu Granite Chopping Board Round 26 x 26 x 2.5 Centimetres Easy Clean Hard-Wearing Speckle Finish Chop and Dishwasher Safe

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  • Inject a sophisticated and modernised style look in your kitchen
  • Homiu chopping boards are made of tough (natural) stuff and won’t let you down with whatever dish you are mastering. Please note: because this is a natural product, the colour may vary slightly from the images shown
  • Being rugged, tough and beautiful, the Homiu Granite Chopping board will be your guardian angel when handling those hot pots or chopping exceptionally tough veggies without breaking a sweat
  • We’ve put this board through the paces and are glad to confirm that all of the granite chopping boards we sell are built to last and are hard-wearing durable
  • Size Approx. 26 X 26 X 2.5 cm, This chopping board is perfect for large kitchens or cramped worktops. This makes it perfect for everyday use and is also sleek enough to be left on the kitchen counter to be at hand when needed

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Product Description


  • If you’ve had enough of pulling those glass, plastic and even wooden chopping boards in and out of your cupboards, this stunning board will eliminate that straight away.
  • Fantastically stylish, the sleek, eye-catching granite will add a timeless look to any kitchen worktop. Bringing modern vibes, these are just as much an accessory as they are a practical piece of kitchenware.
  • Keeping it out will also mean you can prepare your food quicker and easier; just make sure you clean it between uses.
  • A hard-wearing and sturdy piece of equipment, the granite chopping board will ensure you’ve got the perfect preparation station.


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