Homiu Air Fryer Oven, 5 Litre, Large Air Fryer

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Model name Homiu 5L Air Fryer
Brand Homiu
Capacity 5 litres
Colour Black and Rose Gold
Power / Wattage 1500 watts


  • - NO OIL REQUIRED: Scrumptiousness without any of the guilt! Whether you’re in the mood for chips or chicken wings, onion rings or a mini pizza, the Homiu air fryer creates crispy deliciousness without requiring any oil. Go easy on the calories & heavy on tastiness
  • - COOK MUCH FASTER: Pressed for time? This air fryer oven makes quick work of any frying or baking task. And it’s all thanks to the rapid air circulation system. Don’t settle for chip fryers that take ages to get the job done. Put food on the table in a fraction of the time
  • - ENJOY FULL CONTROL: Dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ of that recipe! With a 60-minute manual timer and adjustable temperature control up to 200 degrees, the Homiu digital air fryer gives you the control to cook your favourite dishes to enticing perfection
  • - LARGE 5L CAPACITY: Get more deliciousness cooking in one go. You’ll love the large 5 litre capacity of our airfryer. This means more space to whip up family dinners, prepare enough finger foods for game night, or make lots of crunchy chicken wings to last you for days
  • - CLEANING MADE EASY: We wanted you to spend more time feasting and less time cleaning. That’s why we designed our large air fryer with a removable cooking pot and trivet that contains leaks & spillages. Go ahead, get your fryer and change the way you cook for good!


The Calorie Cutter

Mouth-watering chips don’t have to mean a band-snapping waist. Enticingly crispy chicken doesn’t have to mean guilt-filled calories. Meet the Homiu air fryer – a recipe for oil-free, finger-licking goodness! By combining the power of heat and air, this nifty kitchen accessory creates a deep-fried-like taste & texture without requiring you to add any oil. And it can be used to bake goodies too! Whether you’re craving a mini pizza or a fluffy cinnamon roll, this game-changer will make it happen.

Discover the Difference

This isn’t just any air fryer oven. While others take ages to fry or bake your foods, ours does so in a fraction of the time. The secret behind the time-saving cooking? Our innovative rapid air circulation system. The extremely fast airflow cooks food at incredible speeds while the over-heat protection ensures safety while cooking. And you’ll be in full control all through. This air fryer gives you a 60-minute manual timer and adjustable temperature up to 200 degrees to whip up meals to perfection.

Here are more reasons to love this air fryer:

- Fitted with a removable cooking pot for easy clean-up.

Non-slip feet enhance grip for better cooking safety.

- Features a large 5 litre capacity to cook more at a go.

- The sleek, minimalist design blends into any kitchen.

- Rated at 1500W to give you enough power to cook it all.

Go ahead, keep calories to a minimum & scrumptiousness to a maximum!

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