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In a time long forgotten...Erin, the green island, which will be known to generations yet to be born as Ireland, has a sinister ruler. King Balor of the Evil Eye is a fearsome giant, inspiring dread in both his enemies and those under his malevolent rule. He commands the Fomori, a supernatural race of fierce monstrous beings.

Balor's rule is threatened upon the arrival of mighty Tribes of seafaring humans who would make the green island their new home. Thus, a legendary battle begins.

Who will prevail and determine Erin's fate for centuries to come?

Each player becomes a Tribe Leader trying to gain control over the mythical island of Erin while simultaneously fighting off the relentless demon-like Fomori. The players face a dilemma: Do they spread across the island aggressively, at the risk of growing more corrupt and strengthening the power of the Fomori, or do they proceed more carefully, potentially losing ground to the Fomori and other Tribes?

In The Arrival, players utilize unique game mechanics to gain Resources and determine their path to victory. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to defeat the other Tribes?

1 Map
1 Rulebook
54 Earning Cards
6 Tribe Leader Cards
4 Overview Boards
1 First Player Tile
50 Fomori Tiles
4 Balor's Castle Tiles
92 Resources
30 Tactic Tiles
8 Tracking Tokens
8 Wooden Blockers
1 Wooden Round Counter

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 75-90 minutes

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