BeON Home Protection System, Set of 3 x Bayonet Smart Bulbs - Soft White

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  • Simulate your presence at home when you are not there as the bulbs replay your normal use pattern. BeON learns your normal use automatically or can be programmed. Deter Burglars!
  • Turn on lights at the sound of a smoke alarm to create an exit path from the house. BeON bulbs can be trained to respond to a sound and create a lighting pattern.
  • Turn on the lights at the sound of a doorbell. Illuminate people at the door and simulate someone coming to the door, even when there is nobody at home. Install indoors or outdoors.
  • BeON bulbs have a built-in battery. If you have a power cut, then bulbs can be switched on for up to 5 hours. The battery re-charges during the normal operation of the bulbs.
  • BeON bulbs are set up using Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and a dedicated app (IOS or Android). Use the app to programme each bulb. Use existing light switches or the BeON key fob.

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