ArchMed Disposable Face Masks Manufactured in the UK 3-Ply CE Certified EN14683 Type IIR Face Covering

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About this item

  • Our ArchMed 3-ply face masks are a perfect way to protect yourself and those around you from potential airborne substances
  • Each mask pack is wrapped in the most advanced 'clean manufacturing' environment available in our Manufacturing warehouse in Kent, England. Please note: these are single-use masks and not suitable for washing and reuse
  • An outer blue layer with hydrophobic Non-woven material, a middle layer with a high-density filter and an inner soft layer with an absorbent non-woven layer
  • The strength and rigidity of the 3-ply format support the comfortable nose clip and the string that form the easy-to-use ear loops. The non-woven outer layers are sandwiched around our unique melt-blown middle layer. This repels moisture whether in-bound or out-bound
  • These Masks deliver EN14683 IIR standard protection - this means that they provide the highest level of protection for these type of masks.

Product description

Product description

Our ArchMed face coverings are easy and comfortable to wear, featuring an ear loop design to ensure it fits all faces with ease. The mask features 3 layers of material, intending to cover the nose and mouth in order to minimise the transaction of airborne substances.

Each face covering has an outer layer with a hydrophobic non-woven layer, a middle layer which contains a high-density filter which has filtration of up to 99% and an absorbent, soft inner layer. When someone talks, sneezes or coughs they can release tiny droplets into the air.

Disposable masks can be used to prevent harmful airborne substances from entering the body through the mouth and nose and also to prevent germs from being spread by the wearer.

Our Archmed face coverings non-toxic and will not irritate your skin as they are soft and comfortable.

Please note: these are single-use masks and not suitable for washing and reuse

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