Homiu Whisky Stones Gift Set 9 x Granite Ice Cube Reusable for The Perfect On-The-Rocks Drink

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Material Granite
Colour Granite
Brand Homiu
Item dimensions L x W x H 20 x 20 x 20 millimetres

About this item

  • The perfect balance, the best of both worlds is when your beverage is perfectly chilled to your liking but does not get watered down when the ice starts to melt
  • When you have pure mother nature on your side (or in your glass) there is nothing for you to worry about. The Homiu Whiskey Stones are made of simply pure granite blocks and are not treated or coated with any chemicals
  • After you are done with the drink, why not store the Homiu whiskey stones in style for the many happy more to come. With the perfect, easy to use pouch and the stainless steel tong you are good to go!
  • Whether the intended recipient likes gin, vodka, rum, Coca-Cola, or indeed any beverage. They will be definitely pleased with this set of natural stones to chill whatever they get up to drink in the end as they can handle so much more than whiskey!
  • At Homiu, we’ve got your back, we do not sell anything that we are not perfectly happy to use or gift ourselves. If for any reason at all, you are unhappy with the product or its performance, we guarantee to take it back and make it right for you

Technical Details



whiskey stones

Product Description

Our with the old - in with the new! Rediscover your favourite Whiskey!

Keep your drink cool, without watering it down and causing it to dilute. And STOP putting good drinks to waste with Ice Cubes.

Use Homiu Granite Whiskey Stones instead and discover the difference!

No more Ice Cubes needed - Save Money - Save the Planet!

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