Homiu Oil/Vinegar Trigger Dispenser Stainless Steel Sprayer Bottle

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  • The easy to use grilling oil sprayer can direct spray or mist olive oil onto grilling surfaces to prevent sticking. Transparent glass bottle clearly distinguishing all kinds of spices so you don’t grab the wrong flavour
  • Multi-function and really versatile! Can be loaded with oil, vinegar, wine, etc. Put your choice into the bottle, and the easy to use sprayer can direct spray or mist spray onto grilling surfaces or on foods and salads to infuse extra of flavour!
  • Focus nozzle, leak-proof sprayers have an improved nozzle making it more uniform in spraying, a soft press can spray mist liquid, strictly controlling the spray. The sprayer gives food just the right amount of flavour without excess calories
  • Hand wash with care, grease seal mouth and seal cap design, easy to remove and easy to clean. Clever glass design so no need for labelling or flavour confusion
  • Commercial grade high-quality stainless steel- strong and sturdy with lead-free glass bottles that won't do harm to human's health. Sturdy, rust-free and durable this product will exceed your highest expectations!


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Homiu Stainless Steel Oil or Vinegar Trigger Dispenser


Typically, we use more oil than we need when cooking. This bottle sprayer allows you to control your portions much more effectively, cook with less oil and still enjoy the same delicious flavours! There's even a special sort of science that goes into a salad dressing oil and vinegar for a perfect flavour.

So whether you need to coat a frying pan with olive oil, or spray chicken with oil before roasting, sautéing, grilling or simply looking to infuse flavour into your favourite pasta dish, bread, vegetables, meats and poultry- your results will be super healthy and incredibly tasty.

Fantastic for seasoning salads with dressings or vinegar. With its controlled spraying action and the fine mist it produces, it's ideal for people who like to know exactly how many calories and oils, dressings they're consuming or even those trying to avoid excess waste. Why not lightly coat some chicken breasts with chilli oil before grilling? Just pump lid to pressurise and spray away!

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