Yankee Candle Sweet Nothing Wax Melt Tart

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  • Warm, soft, sweet—like a special whisper just for you.

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Simply place in a wax melt warmer and light an unscented tea light below. As the wax melts, the fragrance is released. Mix and match scents to create your own personal aroma blends. Each provides up to 8 hours of fragrance.


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Garden By The Sea Flowers in the Sun Fresh Cut Roses Lilac Blossom

Dimensions 6.6" H x 4" D 5" H x 4" D 3.4" H x 2.3" D 1.9" H x 1.8" D 0.6" H x 2.2" D 1.1" H x 1.6" D
Wick Single Single Single Single Wickless Single
Burn Time 110 to 115 hours 65 to 75 hours 20 to 30 hours Up to 15 hours Up to 8 Hours 4 to 6 Hours
Weight 22 oz 14.5 oz 3.7 oz 1.75 oz 0.8 oz 0.35 oz
Wax Type Mottled Wax Mottled Wax Mottled Wax Mottled Wax Mottled Wax Mottled Wax

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