Krosno Glass Europe Non-Lead Crystal-Clear, Venezia Martini Cocktail, 150 ML, Pack of 6

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Transparent Glasses
Each batch of our raw materials is tested to ensure that the quenching manufacturing process is clear of any signs of external particles / substances that may cause the potential darkening of our glasses.

Premium Crystalline Glass
The highest quality, transparent glass beautifully diffuses the light, allowing you to not only look at the contents of the glass, but also to observe interesting effects of light reflection.

Long Lasting Glasses
Krosno Glasses are like ceramics and have all of their properties: durability, strength and brittleness, high electrical and thermal resistance, and lack of chemical reactivity. This leads to long lasting lifespan of several years.

Lead Free Glasses
Increasing environmental considerations mean that glasses containing lead are being phased out of use wherever possible.

high-stem glasses that will decorate each table and give it refinement. These are selected products with a wide range of applications: for water, wine, vodka, champagne, martini and liqueur. Enrich your homemade glass collection with Venezia glasses and give your table a touch of elegance



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