Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Magic Mermaid Nila

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  • ​Inspired by an Episode where shimmer and shine meet a mermaid genie named Nila and find a special mermaid gem!
  • ​Nila has colour-change hair highlights in her ponytails—just use warm water to change from blue to an aquamarine colour!
  • ​Nila features a sculpted aquamarine-coloured tail with a glittering fabric fin! ​
  • ​Articulated waist allows for sitting and pretend swimming
  • ​Includes a sparkly comb to style the doll's hair and a fish-shaped water strainer​

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Meet Nila! when shimmer, shine and Leah meet this beautiful Mermaid in Zahramay falls, she helps them on a magical mission to find the Mermaid gem! magic Mermaid nila features an aquamarine-coloured tail with a sparkling fabric fin. Her lilac-coloured ponytails feature colour-changing highlights that change from blue to an aquamarine colour with warm water. Nila comes with a sparkly hair comb and fish-shaped water strainer. Nila is approximately 23 cm (9 in).



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