BRITA Fill and Go Active Sports Water Filter Bottle BPA Free, Purple, 600 ml with Pack of 4 MicroDiscs,

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  • Filters tap water as you drink, reducing chlorine, impurities and micro-particles but preserves key minerals
  • Improved performance pure taste technology -fill up from any tap for a pure and refreshing taste
  • Each disc gives 60 litres of great tasting water for just a few pence per litre for an eco-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to buying bottled water (each pack contains 4 filters)
  • Practical and durable 600 ml bottles fits most cup holders
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free for an easy clean and to protect you and the environment

Technical Details


Product description

These BRITA fill and go bottles are great for those who live life on the go. Filter as your drink for fresh-tasting water where ever you may be. Featuring MicroDisc technology with activated natural carbon from coconut shells that contains millions of pores, it securely locks away taste impairing substances, but leaves valuable minerals for improving the taste of tap water.

These Brita bottles feature a sturdy and sleek design. The fill and go Vital/ Active filter water bottle is a cost-efficient and environmentally-conscious alternative to plastic bottles and is suitable for enjoying fresh-tasting water everywhere.

Product information:
The MicroDisc Technology reduces substances like chlorine and microparticles Capacity: 600 ml
1 x MicroDisc filter cartridge is good for 1 month or 150 Litre of fresh-tasting water Bottle measurements:7.8 x 7.2 x 24.5 cm
Portable water bottle with filter Colour: Transparent bottle with colourful lid
All materials that come into contact with water are BPA-free

"Instructions" Remove the bottle cap, unscrew disc cover (counter-clockwise) and insert the disc, then screw the disc cover back on, replace the cap and fill the bottle

"About BRITA" In the 60s, Heinz Hankammer founded the company BRITA, inspired by his daughter’s name. The idea behind it: Optimise tap water. First for car batteries and soon after for home use. In 1970, he launched the first water filter jug and patented it. What started as production in his own garden developed over the course of 50 years into an international company.

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