Flite by Nite Lumi-Niter Raspberry Disc

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  • Extended hours of fun when the sun goes down
  • No batteries required. Waterproof & Floats!
  • 198 gram weight with 4 Glow sticks. 185 gram weight without
  • Uses standard 3" glow sticks 75mm x 7.5mm
  • Mix & match Disc & glow stick colours to create cool, glowing patterns in the night sky

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Product description

Brighten your nights with Lumi-Niter Disc Kits. Keep the fun and entertainment alive, well into the evening hours. This sturdy, polyethylene disc can be used most anywhere - day or night. After the sun sets, activate the glow sticks for hours of endless, glowing fun. Glow sticks are easy to use, non-toxic, waterproof and will last 6-8 hours when activated. Translucent discs will enable the light to transmit through the disc, allowing you to illuminate the night sky. Mix and match colours to create your favourite glow patterns. Lumi-Niter Discs are perfect for all your vacations, camping trips, and outdoor evening entertainment.

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