Voice Originals - When In Rome Travel Trivia Game - Powered by Alexa on Amazon Echo Dot - Family Fun

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Brand Sensible Object
Item dimensions L x W x H 22 x 16 x 4 centimetres
CPSIA cautionary statement No Warning Applicable
Number of players 2-8

About this item

  • "The perfect marriage of tech and classic gaming...Just when you thought Alexa couldn't impress you more, she finds a way to one up herself. Now, she can add game host to her resume.” Real Simple
  • No more rules to read! Alexa is your host and game show host!
  • Endless variety with 20+ hours of interactive dialogue! Alexa remembers what questions you've been asked and always supplies a fresh one.
  • Works with Alexa smart speakers including Echo and Echo dot, and the Alexa smartphone app. Requires free when in Rome skill for Alexa to play (Smart speaker not included)
  • When In Rome 'Toy Of The Year' finalist 2019 is now compatible with Echo Buttons!

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This product is subject to specific safety warnings
  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months

From the brand

Sensible Object
Sensible Object Logo

Our story

How we got our start?
Founder Alex Fleetwood was building a campfire in a California State Park. Here he came up with the idea for Beasts of Balance, Sensible Object’s first award winning game. The idea was inspired by the balance in nature and the balance of the stacked firewood.
What makes our product unique?
Our goal is to take everything that’s inspiring and entertaining about digital play, and to merge it with a design approach that’s rooted in a practical understanding of home and family life. Our games are unique, combining physical, digital and imaginative play like never before.
Why we love what we do?
We get to inspire and entertain a tech led generation with real and relevant connected table top games that encourage face to face social play, in a way that is both relevant and truly original.

Product Description

Welcome to When in Rome, the travel trivia game powered by Alexa where real people ask the questions! Players set up the board, connect to the ‘When in Rome’ Alexa skill, divide into two teams and get ready to travel the world from the comfort of their home. With 20 cities to visit and a friendly local asking questions about their city, Alexa steers players through the game as the teams compete to make new friends, earn upgrade cards and collect souvenirs in each new city they visit. The combination of beautiful components, real locals, emergent game-play and Alexa playing host makes Voice Originals When In Rome an unforgettable board game experience. Requires free When In Rome skill for Amazon Alexa to play. Board game includes; 1 game board, 2 player tokens, 18 friend tokens, 14 upgrade cards and 5 souvenirs

The World’s first Alexa – connected board game

When In Rome is the first in the new series of Voice Originals board games from Beasts of Balance creator Sensible Object. Designed to be played with a smart speaker, each Voice Original game pairs up with a free Alexa skill that guides players through the game; teaching them the rules, keeping track of the score and delivering immersive audio. Our mission is to create great games designed to be played face-to-face with friends and family that combine the best of physical, digital and human play.

Travel trivia with a twist

Answering questions correctly about each city earns players points or the chance to earn an upgrade card. Choose from 7 categories including Language and Slang, Art and Culture, Sport and Games, Food and Drink, Buildings and History, Myths and Legends or Random and Strange!


Collect souvenirs

Souvenirs reveal themselves throughout the game for extra points; answer a question correctly on a city with a souvenir to earn extra points. Collect all 3 souvenirs, the game ends and the winner is the team with the most points!


Earn upgrade cards

"Alexa, upgrade please, I love traffic jams!" pick up upgrade cards to gain an edge or roast your opponents.


Let Alexa be your guide!

Alexa teaches you the rules, keeps score, flies you around the world, introduces you to friendly locals and keeps you entertained.

Travel the world without leaving home!

Visit 20 cities across 6 continents from London to Mumbai and Cape Town to Tokyo; meet real locals and find out about what makes each city tick.


Sensible Object

At Sensible Object our aim is to take everything that’s inspiring and entertaining about digital play, and to merge it with a design approach that’s rooted in a practical understanding of home and family life. Our games are unique, combining physical, digital and imaginative play like never before. Our first game, the award winning connected stacking game Beasts of Balance, launched in November 2016 to wide critical and player acclaim. When In Rome is our second game.

Describe your products in 3 words.

Fun, different, awesome.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Alexa is a voice platform, and the team at Sensible Object felt there could be no better use for it than to bring the voices of real people from around the world into players' homes.

What makes your product special?

The act of playing through listening invokes our imagination and empathy, making for a very special experience.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Recruiting and getting to know amazing locals from cities all over world. Hearing stories from their hometowns and what it was like growing up in those places.

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