Bobble BPA-Free 550 ml Water Bottle, Magenta

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About this item

  • A water bottle that filters as you drink
  • With Bobble's interchangeable and replaceable filters, you can improve the taste of water from your tap
  • Bobble is made in the USA from recycled plastic and is free of BOZ, Phthalates and PVC
  • Each bobble is the equivalent to 300 single-serve plastic water bottles
  • Designed by Karim Rashid


Product details
  • Product Dimensions : 7.8 x 10.2 x 24.1 cm; 77 Grams
  • Manufacturer : Bobble
  • ASIN : B003LTFS5Y
  • Item model number : 050BOEUMG6

Product Description

Here's how to make tap water tasty, be stylin', save money and take care of this big, blue marble in space we call Earth. First of all, the Bobble's activated carbon filter removes chlorine and organic contaminants from potable/tap water. Each filter is good for about 40 gallons or 150 litres of water, which is about two months of usage on average. Let's be super optimistic and say that one can get a litre of bottled water for $1 (yeah... right). Here's $150 worth of bottled water. How much is the Bobble being sold for? All of this translates to big savings, depending on which label generally adorns the bottled water one is buying. Speaking of labels, the Bobble has none, and that's where the stylin' thing comes in. There's no obvious and sometimes annoying branding. Funky simplicity is the name of the game here. Plus, the Bobble is just starting to get a lot of press, so the bandwagon isn't crowded. Yet. As far as going gently on the planet goes, the Bobble is not only made from recycled plastic, but it is recyclable, too. Any idea where all those other discarded water bottles go or how long it takes them to break down? The answers: all over the place and a really, really long time (about 1,000 years or when our descendants will finally be wearing the mylar jumpsuits and using those jetpacks that have been promised for the last 50 years... which they'll need to hover above the planet of empty bottles). So, it's all good in the Bobbled water department. Affordable and stylish, this is a product no home should be without! 550ml/18.5oz Made in USA BPA-free Recycled Reusable Box Contains 1 × Water Bobble with a replacement filter.

Box Contains 


  • 1 × Water Bobble with a replacement filter

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