LEGO Batman Drinking Bottle with Cup, 350 ml - Black

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Colour Lego Batman, Black
Brand LEGO
Capacity 350 Millilitres
Material Plastic
Item weight 0.08 Kilograms

About this item

  • Lunchtime fun: This official LEGO Batman Movie Drinking Bottle is full of LEGO Batman DNA in graphics and colour and will make lunch break or family picnics truly awesome
  • Cool and functional design: The design is dark and cool with LEGO Batman Movie graphics, a lid designed as an enlarged LEGO brick and a cup at the bottom.
  • Easy to use: The size of the lid and the easy twist-off function of the cup, makes the flask easy to use for younger children
  • Dimensions: 65 x 190 mm / ø 2.6 x 7.5 inn; Volume: 350 ml / 11.8 fl oz; Age grade 5+ (due to theme relevance, but is safe and easy to use for kids from age 3 and up)
  • Safety and cleaning: The material is PP. The bottle is tested and approved for food contact and is dishwasher safe

Technical Details


Product Description

Tough goblet LEGO Batman movie. This compact cup has a handy lockable screw cap in the shape of a Lego block.

Box Contains

Drinking flask

Super hero. Crime-fighter. Master Builder. Batman is all of those and so much more. Equipped with a utility belt packed with Batarangs, grappling-guns and other inventions, and backed up by a Batcave full of cutting-edge vehicles and batsuits, Batman has sworn to forever defend the citizens of Gotham City against crooks and super-villains. He’s also got a really sweet music career going, thanks for asking. Batman has always battled alone against the forces of injustice and evil, but now he’s suddenly got a kid sidekick to deal with. Where Batman is silent, serious and brooding, Robin is loud, enthusiastic and constantly bursting with excitement at getting to work with his favorite super hero. Only time will tell whether he proves himself to be a boy blunder or a true Boy Wonder. Alfred Pennyworth has been the butler to the Wayne family for pretty much forever. Hard-working, long-suffering and utterly loyal, he sees it as his responsibility not just to keep Wayne Manor and the Batcave clean and tidy, but also to look after his employer’s well-being...even when Batman doesn’t necessarily agree. He cooks an amazing lobster thermidor. Although she’s new to being a super hero, Batgirl is every bit Batman’s equal as a crime-fighter. They may disagree about the rules and methods, but Barbara Gordon’s experience as a police officer and her desire to protect Gotham City make her the perfect partner when things get tough and villains are on the rise. She might even have a few things to teach the Dark Knight about busting bad guys! The Laughing Lunatic. The Clown Prince of Crime. Batman’s greatest enemy. That’s how The Joker sees himself. With his white skin, green hair and constant grin, this villain has made it his life’s goal to cure Gotham City’s all-so-serious grimness and gloom. He might break the law, but he really just wants to make people smile...and to rule the city...and to get Batman to finally respect him. Is that too much for a super-villain to ask? Mirthful, mischievous and just a little bit malevolent, Harley Quinn is The Joker’s number one sidekick/hench-person/fan. She’s endlessly loyal to her beloved Puddin’, making her the only one in all of Gotham City that he can fully count on to help with his sinisterly silly schemes. And if Harley can cause enough of a distraction for Batman that The Joker can get away? That’s all the better!

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