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Become your footballing hero Lionel Messi, record 4 time Balloon d'Or winner and 2014 FIFA Golden Ball winner who has won 21 trophies at Barcelona and is the club's top goal scorer with 440 goals.

Wear Messi's official branded socks based on his latest boot designs and using the unique bubble solution that does not burst perform keepie-upies, around the worlds and other tricks just like Messi!

Simply pour the special bubble solution into the football solution tray and dip the wide end of the bubble blower into the bubble solution. Hold the bubble blower slightly downwards and blow slowly, creating one bubble at a time. Using the Messi's official branded socks kick your Footbubbles and perform your tricks! How many tricks can you do?

Collect all 4 styles of socks: blue, yellow, orange and red!

Suitable for ages 6 and above.

Contents: 2 Messi branded socks (of the same colour), 1 bubble blower, 1 solution tray and 1 Messi branded solution 57ml.






Box Contains

2 Messi branded socks (of the same colour), 1 bubble blower, 1 solution tray and 1 Messi branded solution 57ml. Hints & Tips: Firstly, put on your Messi socks Tips for blowing bubbles: · Open the bottle carefully without shaking it · Carefully pour the bubble solution into the tray up to the indicator · Dip the blower vertically inside the tray · Hold the blower slightly downward and blow slowly to create one bubble · Release the bubble from the blower with a swift and gentle movement Tips for performing keepie-uppies: · Make sure the bubble won’t hit your clothes or it may burst on contact · Let the bubble drop and kick it slowly and carefully · Avoid sharp kicks or poking the bubble with your toes · If the bubble keeps bursting try blowing a slightly smaller bubble - larger bubbles travel slower, but their structure may be weaker · The slower and more controlled you are, the more keepie uppies you’ll be able to perform · Dry the Messi sock every now and then for better performance



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