Homiu Stainless Steel Whisky Ice Cubes Set and Magnetic Gift Box

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Material Stainless Steel
Colour Silver
Brand Homiu
Item dimensions L x W x H 10 x 5 x 2 centimetres

About this item

  • Utterly unique so you can banish those frozen cubes to the past with these nifty metallic ones, the ideal way to cool your drink without watering it down
  • You’ll have much more than just a few ice cubes with this set, as you’ll also find a reusable tray and non-slip tongs too, perfect for serving
  • Featuring a sleek polished silver effect, these will look sensational in your drink of choice. They’re also easy to clean
  • Great for the environment and yourself, these stainless steel ice cubes are eco-friendly and BPA free
  • Quick ice you won’t have to wait around for your ice cubes either, as these stainless steel cubes feature a rapid cooling effect

Technical Details


homiu home homeware kitchen kitchenware

Ice Cubes

Unique Style

Helping to add a classic dimension to your drink, you won’t have to sit with regular cubes of ice in your drink anymore. Instead, just fill up the eight stainless steel cubes, let them freeze and pop them in your drink.

Working to keep it cold, while adding intrigue, you won’t have to worry about the melting cubes ruining your drink either. In fact, the metal will help keep it frozen for longer.

Perfect Set

An ideal gift for yourself or a loved one, this set is much more than just a few ice cubes.

While the metallic cubes will keep the drink cold, the plastic tray keeps them all in one place as they freeze, while the tongs are great for serving them up to guests. Meanwhile, the set also includes a gift box for an added wow factor.

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