BeON Home Single Bulb Bayonet Fit B22 Security and Safety Lighting - Soft White

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  • Simulate your presence at home when you are Not there with lights replay. Beyond learns your normal use pattern automatically. Just arm the system with app or key fob at the door.
  • Automatically turn on lights and create an exit path from the house if your smoke alarm is sounding.
  • Be on home bulbs can be trained to turn on when the doorbell rings. Illuminate people at the door. Make it look like someone is coming to the door when there is really nobody at home.
  • If you are prone to short term power cuts, then be on home bulbs can be switched on and will illuminate your house for up to 5 hours using the built-in battery
  • A specific lights pattern can be configured in the app, or bulbs can simply come on at the sound of the bell.
  • Simulate your presence at home when you are not there as the bulbs replay your normal use pattern. BeON learns your normal use automatically or can be programmed. Deter Burglars!
  • Turn on lights at the sound of a smoke alarm to create an exit path from the house. BeON bulbs can be trained to respond to a sound and create a lighting pattern



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Product Description

BeON Home the smartest lighting system for your home to keep you and your family safe and secure.

Outsmart Burglars

Automated Security and safety lighting for your home

Use Your Light Switches

BeON home protects your house from the minute you leave, preventing break-ins by mimicking your lighting patterns in a natural and believable manner.


Automatic ON when emergency strikes

BeON home protects your family while you're home with backup light during a power outage and instant-on emergency lighting during a fire alarm.


Auto Respond to your doorbell

BeON learns your lighting habits so your home looks occupied, even when it isn't. The BeON system is responsive: lights turn on in emergencies and can react to the sound of a doorbell.


How does it work?

The BeON Home Burglar Deterrent installs just like normal light bulbs and works with existing wall switches. After installing, the system learns and replays the lighting patterns while users are away in order to create the impression of a lived-in home. Additionally, during power outages, homes without lights on become prime targets for burglaries as most security systems fail without power. However, if there is an outage while homeowners are home or away, the BeON Burglar Deterrent system uses built-in rechargeable batteries to provide lighting, visible for days that can be seen from outside the home.

BeON Brings More

There are many reactive security systems out there, from alarms systems to DIY security cameras. But very few proactive security systems exist, until now. This is a big reason why we decided to invent BeON Smart Security Lighting. Now you can have both proactive and reactive layers of protection for your home.


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