Please Dont Feed The Pandas Game

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  • Please Feed the Pandas challenges players to team up, perform tricks and score points in an action-Packed feeding time frenzy!
  • One teammate, the Panda, wears a panda mask with an open mouth to catch the balls while another, the Trainer, "feeds" them.
  • Draw a Trick Card to determine how to feed your Panda (off a bounce, over the shoulder, etc.), then start tossing!
  • Things get wild when Trainers have to spin, close their eyes or perform an all-play Trick Throwdown. If the Trainer and Panda can complete the trick, they score a point and keep the card!
  • This kids' game is silly, exciting fun all wrapped up in a panda bonanza! Please Feed the Pandas makes a great gift for 7 year olds and up.

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