Homiu Shallow Non Stick Casserole Dish with Tempered Glass Lid, 29cm Forged Pot

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  • - MAKE MEMORABLE MEALS: Whip up lip-smacking lasagna, mouth-watering mac ‘n cheese, and finger-licking chicken casserole. Our 29cm shallow casserole pot comes with a well-fitting tempered glass lid to trigger the deliciousness on the cooker or in the oven.
  • - TRUE NON-STICK COATING: Go easy on the oil or do without it altogether. This isn’t just any non-stick casserole dish. Unlike others that use Teflon coatings that soon peel and easily scratch, ours features a tough granite-like ceramic coating of superior abrasion resistance.
  • - SUITS ANY COOKER: Whether you’re dealing with a gas, electric, induction, ceramic, or halogen cooker, this non-stick casserole pan works without a hitch. You’ll also love the soft, cool-touch handles for cooking comfort and the steam vents that keep the lid clear.
  • - CRAFTED TO LAST: You’ve found it: the baking dish you won’t be replacing any time soon. Made from forged aluminium and fitted with riveted handles, this pot withstands the most enthusiastic of home chefs. Get an extra one as the ultimate kitchen or housewarming gift.
  • - CLEANING MADE EASY: This casserole dish with lid isn’t just non-stick; it is also dishwasher safe for a fuss-free clean. No more tedious scrubbing. No more wrist-straining elbow grease. Go ahead, make your life in the kitchen so much easier!


Product description


Scrumptiousness Awaits

Making the perfect casserole takes more than just great ingredients and a winning recipe. It calls for a dish that properly distributes heat for even results; a quality pot that helps create the crust of your dreams. And that’s where our shallow casserole dish comes in. Made of forged aluminium and coupled with a tempered glass lid, it’s your ticket to reliable excellence.


- 1 x tempered glass lid

- 1 x 29cm shallow casserole dish

Experience Real Non-Stick

We’ll let you in on a little secret – not all non-stick pots and pans are created equal. Most are made with a Teflon coating, which soon peels, easily scratches, and often contains questionable chemicals. A flimsy coating that renders the cooking pots useless in no time. But we’ve done things differently. Instead of Teflon, our non-stick cookware features a granite-like ceramic coating. The result? Superior abrasion resistance that keeps the non-stick surface intact for ages to come.

Here are more reasons to love this casserole dish:

- Dishwasher-safe for a fuss-free clean.

- Riveted handles take durability to the next level.

- Soft, cool-touch handles treat you to cooking comfort.

- The steam vents keep the glass lid clear while cooking.

- An aluminium forged body ensures even heat distribution.

- Suitable for gas, electric, induction, ceramic, and halogen cookers.

Go ahead, upgrade your kitchen with a casserole dish you’ll treasure!



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